Kansas Europa Tourdates 2014

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Kansas Europa Tourdates 2014

Beitragvon shademan » 21. Apr 2014, 23:53

Die US Symphonic Prog Rocker kommen wieder nach Europa:

July 17 O2 Shepherds Bush Empire London, England

July 19 Rootsfestivalen Bronnoysund, Norway

July 20 Sentrum Scene Oslo, Norway

July 22 Progresja Music Zone Warsaw, Poland

July 25 013 Tilburg, Netherlands

July 26 Rock of Ages Festival Seebronn, Germany

July 27 Chateaux de Beaufort Beaufort, Luxembourg

July 29 Tyrol Stockholm, Sweden

July 30 Tradgarden Gothenburg, Sweden

August 1 Open Air Am Kurpark Bad Krozingen, Germany

Bislang leider nur 2 Termine in Deutschland.

Vielleicht kommen ja noch mehr Dates dazu.

Fragt einfach mal bei eurem lokalen Veranstalter an.
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Re: Kansas Europa Tourdates 2014

Beitragvon shademan » 31. Mai 2014, 01:20

Hier noch weitere European Tour Dates:

August 2 BR Radltour Holzkirchen, Germany

August 3 Konzertfabrik Z7 Pratteln, Switzerland

August 5 Heichal Hatarbut Tel Aviv, Israel
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Kansas in Chattanooga Review

Beitragvon shademan » 23. Jan 2015, 22:17

Wie ja hinlänglich in sämtlichen Medien verkündet wurde (Ironie Modus on), hat Steve Walsh Kansas ja mittlerweile verlassen.
Ersetzt wurde er von Ronnie Platt und David Manion.

Somit ist die Band nun endlich wieder ein Sextett, wie zu Anfang.

Hier eine Konzertkritik aus der Kansas Mailingliste:

My friend and I went to see Kansas in Chattanooga on
January 9. Here's my review. There are some spoilers here;
you've been warned.

The venue, Track 29, is on the grounds of the Chattanooga
Choo-Choo. It's basically a warehouse with a concrete floor
and stage at one end. The website said most shows don't
have seats, but that the Kansas show would be "fully seated."
They were wrong. The organizers didn't put out enough folding
chairs so by the time we got there, the seats were full and
we ended up standing the entire time. Grrr.

Otherwise the venue was pretty nice, with 2 bars and fast
service there. Sound quality was very good for a warehouse.
All the instruments and vocals were clearly audible. The
sound guys did a fantastic job.

From the opening chords of Kansas' set, I could tell right
away that the band has been rejuvenated by the addition of
Platt & Manion. Platt's singing style reminds me a little
bit of Mike Reno of Loverboy, so in that sense he's more like
Elefante than Walsh. His voice stayed strong throughout the
set and he handles all the Kansas songs with ease.

With Platt handling lead vocals, Billy does the parts originally
done by Robbie. Ragsdale does most of the background vocals, with
Manion occasionally supporting.

The crowd was small, maybe 500 total, but all the band members
looked like they were enjoying themselves and played a really
great show. One of the best I've seen in long time. They pulled
out some unexpected songs that they haven't played in a good
while. It really added depth to the show. For instance, they
really rocked the house back-to-back with What's On My Mind
followed by Belexes. I was in heaven.

We were standing near the soundboard and a couple of songs into
the set I noticed Robbie Steinhardt making his way to the area
of the soundboard. "Wonder what he's doing here," I thought to
myself. Then I remembered seeing him do a guest appearance at a
show in Columbus, GA many years ago, and figured he would do the
same here. He stayed in the soundboard area for a few songs, then
I overheard him say to a woman next to him, "OK I'm ready to go."
After he left I talked with the woman a bit and she said he was
going to appear tonight and the next night in Macon. He ended up
singing on Sparks of the Tempest and Carry On Wayward Son. Very
cool. He did not play any violin though, just tambourine on COWS.

Here's the full set:

People of the South Wind
Point of Know Return
Play The Game Tonight
Song For America
David Manion piano solo / The Wall
Reason To Be
Dust In The Wind
Opus Insert
Closet Chronicles
Hold On
What's On My Mind
Portrait (He Knew)
Sparks Of The Tempest (featuring Robbie)

Fight Fire With Fire
Carry On Wayward Son (featuring Robbie)

I highly recommend you go see them if you get the chance.
I can't wait to see them again!
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