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Post aus UK

Beitragvon shademan » 17. Mär 2016, 00:05

"I watch a lot of youtube and, also I have liked prog rock for many years and, have seen many bands as well live.

Some of my friends that I have got to know over the years are Fish (Derek Dick), Mick Pointer, Scott Higham, Alan Reed,
Nick Barrett, Brian Cummings, and also Graham from Pallas etc., so there is a big mix here.

When I first heard your band I was blown away and, I thought, oh my, this band are very with the old school of prog rock and,
it shows with all the music that you have rolled in to one.

It would be great, if you do get the people you need to have a full band and, then you will be on the road playing to many people.

So please carry on, and I’m sure your band will go very far in the music world.
So, well done to you.

Oh, the music is very Eloy, Yes, Pendragon, yes and some early bits of Genesis and King Crimson, so I like this very much.
So I hope you will get some live dates this year, as I will be there for sure .

So when you have a full band, let me know the date, venue, and I will be there.

I'm initially in the UK and - now you have a fan here - would I like to know if the band were to go in this year.

No dates in Germany, playing 2016.

As I want to come and see you play live. So I do a tour sort, so if you could let me know, I would be very grateful for this.

OK you, take care.

Kind regards from Peter.
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Re: Post aus UK

Beitragvon walter » 17. Mär 2016, 12:08

Cool! Klingt ein wenig wie der "jane-freak". Der ist 2007 mit seiner Frau für eine Jane-Tour aus Maine/USA hergekommen und schrieb genau so begeisterte Beiträge (zu Jane, aber auch zu SOD, die er im KRW-Radio gehört hat).
Gruß Walter
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