Spock's Beard sucht neuen Drummer

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Spock's Beard sucht neuen Drummer

Beitragvon shademan » 27. Nov 2016, 00:08

Since the announcement of Jimmy Keegan's departure from Spock's Beard we have been flooded with with requests - demands in some cases! - to audition to play drums with SB. We have been fortunate to have had two of the best drummers in the world playing with us, so our standards are pretty high, but if you think you have what it takes to fill some pretty big shoes, here's the process we've set up to audition:

Send links to YouTube videos of yourself playing and singing something that represents your ability to drummer@spocksbeard.com. Please do not send files, just links. The videos can be public or private, professional or just iPhone videos. If you'd like to send a video of an SB tune, here are some recommended cuts to try -

Submerged (singing the high harmony if you can)
Walking on the Wind

Here's an idea of what we're looking for, ideally someone who -

Is a world class drummer
Can groove over shifting time signatures
Has a lead singer quality high tenor voice
Able to sing and play complex stuff at the same time
Preferably in the Los Angeles or Sacramento area or at least close to a major airport (some flexibility on this for the right fit)
Has a flexible schedule that will allow for recording/touring
Is a cool person, not too big an ego, flexible, able to keep a cool head in stressful situations and close quarters
Has a cool hairdo (just kidding)
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